• 15 Athletes per roster that are AAU registered

  • 1 Coach that is AAU registered

  • 2 Chaperones, they also MUST be AAU registered (They can not be interchanged)

  • Each time will ONLY be allowed 3 spectators at a time (They can be changed out). 

  • Teams will stay on their designated side. There will NOT be any side switching.



  • Mask MUST be worn at all times (Includes Spectators, Coach, Chaperones, SUVL Staff, and Athletes)

  • Athletes are NOT required to wear a mask while on the court playing but they may choose to wear a mask if they would like.

  • Athletes (and coach) that are on the bench are REQUIRED to wear a mask

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! We will enforce these rules so the rest of us can keep playing volleyball.

We will warn patrons to wear a mask.

1- First Offense is a warning.

2- Second Offense, we will talk with your Coach.

3- Third Offense, we will talk to Club Directors or Coach again.

4- 4th Offense, we will disqualify that girl from playing or if the whole team is not complying, then that team will be disqualified for that tournament (which means forfeit all upcoming matches for the rest of the day).

5- If you do not follow the mask rules, we will not invite you to play at our tournament venues due to each facility’s regulations.


  • Everyone who enters the building will have their temperature taken and recorded. 

  • No entrance fee

  • Spectators will need to check in each time they enter the building just to make sure we know who is from each team.



  • There will be sanitize stations throughout the facility and we ask that you and your team utilize them. 

  • There will NOT be any concessions at this time.

  • Drinking fountain will be used ONLY to fill up water bottles.

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